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Be a part of a greater cause aimed at improving the lives of children in Ghana living under the poverty line.

We believe that together we can do more!

Akwaaba foundation is focused on bringing young, selfless and confident people from around the world to Ghana in a bid to impact as many lives as possible while living and experiencing the “Ghanaian Experience” first hand.
Here is how we do it;

Problem Identification

As a team we come together to identify pressing issues that need urgent attention in the community. This decision is guided strictly by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set to be achieved by 2030. Time is not our friend.

Crafting the solution

Now we have been able to spot the issues that we want to address, we create possible solutions and package them into projects to be rolled out in different communities across Ghana.

We Educate

We provide children with intellectual and moral lessons in the classroom.
We Educate

We Engage

We engage with the community and stakeholders to collectively support peri-urban communities.
We Engage

We Nurture

We care and protect children in peri-urban communities while they grow.
We Nurture

We Sustain

We strengthen and support children physically and mentally.
We Sustain
Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Akwaaba Foundation

Akwaaba projects are grounded on the SDGs created by the United Nations to be achieved by 2030. 

Yes, from the moment you arrive in Ghana until it’s time for you to journey back home you will be completely in our care.

Yes, we provide accommodation for our volunteers at a cost, which largely depends on their preferences.

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Our Projects

Familiarise yourself with our projects and apply accordingly.

Good health and well-being

Dignified Girl Project

This project educates young ladies in schools and communities about menstrual hygiene and how to embrace changes in their body.
Quality Education

Read & Write Project

This project seeks to bridge the literacy gap in Ghana through empowering and engaging kids in an interactive reading and writing session.
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Lives Impacted
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